IELTS Writing; Why grammar matters

IELTS writing

Let’s get real about why it’s so hard to score 7+


If you’ve done the IELTS a few times, you probably know all about how to write a task 1 and 2. You’ve done all the tutorials, watched all the videos, read all the blogs (like this one). And you also probably know that it’s all about the marking criteria.


Task 2 criteria


But you haven’t really read it carefully, right? Why would you? It looks so complicated and boring!


Never fear.


A good IELTS teacher can break it down for you and show you exactly what you need to know to improve your scores. For now, let’s talk about one criterion that tends to be the biggest hurdle for test-takers:


Grammatical Range and Accuracy


Sure, you might write a strong essay, on-topic, with well supported ideas and examples in your beautifully linked paragraphs…


Does every single sentence have a little grammatical error? Is there an ‘s’ in the wrong place? Did you miss an article? Do your subjects strongly disagree with your verbs? Are your modifiers dangling?!

Well, it should be no surprise that these little problems can be a huge problem when it comes to scoring band 7+.

What can you do about it?

In this video, one of our IELTS experts, Alex, explains how these errors can affect your score and how to fix some of the most common mistakes candidates make.

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