IELTS Speaking: be a rock star!

Speaking band 7

How do you go from a band 6 in IELTS Speaking to band 7?


According to this Baysider, it’s all about a rock star attitude. 


Veronica is a musician, teacher, and all-round legend from Chile. She’s been in Melbourne for almost 2 years and recently spent 11 weeks studying in our full-time IELTS class here at Bayside College.. While she was here, she joined all our extra speaking activities including our Meetups and excursions. Outside school, she speaks English at work and home, listens to loads of podcasts and music, immersing herself in the language as much as possible.


For many people, despite such preparation, the wheels can fall off on test day when you’re faced with nerves and stress and pressure and crowded rooms and shouty staff and ticking clocks…

IELTS speaking
Despite good preparation, the wheels can fall off on test day.


Not Veronica. She smashed it! The result was a massive jump from band 6 to band 7. Pretty awesome huh?


We asked her to share her top IELTS Speaking tips for test day. Here’s what she told us:


1. Get off to a good start.

Be happy, smiling and friendly, even when you speak to the invigilator who checks your passport. Telling yourself you’re happy and excited helps you to believe it! Speak to the staff with confidence a good attitude:

Hi! My name is … and my appointment is at …

2. Mantras.

While waiting between the morning session and my Speaking test, I was repeating like a mantra the ‘power words’ we learned in class. Things like: It’s ubiquitous / It’s inevitable / crucial / sedentary / unforgettable, as well as handy framing language like Having said that / On the other hand…


 3. Be a rock star!

While other people were sitting in the waiting room like they were at a funeral, I was like a rock star, at least in my mind. I was thinking I GOT THIS!


I got this!


4. When the examiner collects you, exude confidence.

When the examiner called my name, I smiled, stood up straight away and started talking. They are so nice and kind and chat to you while you walk to the room so you should engage with them. This part is not scored but it’s a way to make a good first impression. Plus, breaking the ice like this helps you relax once the test starts.


5. Body language.

I forced myself to use my hands and arms while I spoke. I was nervous and my hands were shaking but I moved them so fast, you couldn’t tell: It helped me relax and seem more confident than I really was!




Want to be like Veronica? Join our Meetup group to keep up with our free events or join our IELTS class to get on the right track for your test. You can be a rock star too!

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